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Retirement Advice
Your 20s may seem like an odd time to think about saving for retirement, but it's actually the perfect moment to start planning for your later years. That's because the earlier you start saving, the more time your money has to grow.
Savers who begin setting aside 10% of their earnings at 25, for example, could amass significantly more by retirement age than those who wait just five years to start saving. You can use online calculators to see how much starting to save now can produce once you reach retirement.
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Loans and Credit Cards
Winter is approaching quickly, and that means the holidays are upon us. Between the annual parties and purchasing gifts for those on (and off) your list, costs can add up fast.
Let Harborstone help! With one of our holiday loans, you’ll have a little extra lining your pocket, so you’ll be able to worry less about how the holiday spending will affect your finances. You may even be preapproved! Log in to your Online Banking and click “My Offers” to see what offers you have available to you. You can also log in to the Harborstone mobile app, tap “More,” and select “My Offers” to check if you’re preapproved. If you don’t any offers, you can always apply online.
Federal Trade Commission
It has happened to many of us: You purchased a car a few years ago, and now you want to upgrade—something with a sleeker look, better performance and, of course, more room for the little ones in your life. You still owe a bit on your car, but you’ve been making payments for years! You should be able to get a pretty sizable down payment, right? You do a little research and check your car’s value and… somehow, you still owe much more than the car is worth.
This is one of the most common examples of negative equity, or owing more than something is worth. Sometimes people will still opt for the newer vehicle, tacking the amount still owed on the previous vehicle onto the new loan. However, this means that you’ll not only be making a higher payment than you’d need to on this new vehicle, but it will also take you much longer to gain positive equity, potentially resulting in the same problem a few years down the road. Check out this article from the Federal Trade Commission to learn more about negative equity and what you can do if it applies to you.
Community Involvement
This month, Harborstone was honored to help support a number of different community events. 
The first week in November was a busy one! On November 3, we helped support the Northwest Access Fund’s 2016 Awards Dinner—a group that helps disabled individuals in Washington and Oregon purchase assistive technology, like hearing aids and equipment necessary to be part of the workforce.
Business Impact NW held its first annual IMPACT Pitch competition on November 4. During this Harborstone-sponsored event, select small local businesses won up to $10,000 in cash to help reach further financial success. 
Then, on November 5, a group of Harborstone staff helped Easterseals Washington paint the interior of their newly acquired adult services center in Bellevue. Easterseals strives, through inclusion, to change the way the world views disability. 
Thanks to these organizations for letting us be a part of the good they are doing. Check out our Facebook and Twitter for photos and more information about the events.
Security and Fraud Education

Did you know that if your computer system isn’t regularly updated, it could be compromised and open to attack from hackers? Studies show that over 90% of the most common cyberattacks can be neutralized by an up-to-date system. Microsoft regularly issues patches and security updates. If your system isn’t set to download and install them automatically, or if you are not diligent about installing these updates, you can put your system at risk.
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Vehicle Loans
The Sunset Automotive Group has been a staple in the car-buying community for nearly 100 years. Sunset Chevrolet, their original dealership, is the number-one-volume sales leader in Washington. Customers say it’s because they go “above and beyond” to make the process run smoothly. 
Sunset has expanded greatly since their origination as Sunset Chevrolet in Sumner. Now they own Sunset Trucks in Puyallup, Sunset RV in Bonney Lake, and Sunset Ford, also located in Sumner. Although each location may have a slightly different name, their mission remains the same—to get customers where they want to be.
Harborstone can help get you there too! Before making a purchase, get preapproved with Auto Pass. Your financing will already be taken care of, reducing time and stress at the dealership. You could already have a preapproval waiting for you! Log in to your Online Banking and click “My Offers” to see what you’re preapproved for. You can also log in to the mobile app, tap “More,” and select “My Offers” to view them on your phone. Don’t see any offers? Don’t worry! You can apply online.
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