Cash Management

Cash Management

Running your business shouldn't be a struggle. Online cash management services streamline your most common business tasks. From payroll to payments, you'll save time and make your business more efficient—all while you automate some of your company's most tedious tasks.

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Create multiple users with set permissions without adding signers to your accounts.

Create multiple users to delegate tasks.

Control the permissions for each user.


Account sweeps provide the ability to set up automated transfers to keep balances within your preferred limits.

Pull reports to monitor activity.

Automatically manage your funds.

Maximize cash flow potential.


ACH direct payments and  credits allows you to manage customer payments and send yours electronically.

Distribute payroll by directly depositing the funds into your employees' accounts, eliminating the risk of employee check loss.

Pay vendors directly.

Save time and money.

Reduce the risk of check fraud.

Know the exact payroll date/amount.

Simplify how you receive payments from your customers.

Get deposits to the bank electronically.

More accurately project cash flow.


Track and pay your bills from one convenient dashboard.

Set up recurring payments.

Process bill payments from your checking account with just a click.

Save money on checks and stamps.

View, save, and print images of checks sent and cleared through Harborstone's Bill Pay system.

Front and back check images are included.

Check images are available for 90 days after a check has cleared.


This great fraud-prevention tool compares a list of checks that you upload online with checks that are attempting to clear your account. If something looks unusual, we'll let you know! Then, you can choose to pay or return those items within your Online Banking.

Reduce the risk of check fraud.

Maintain control of your money and payments.


Save time and a trip to the branch by initiating your wires electronically.

Streamline your wire process.

Create templates for recurring wire transfers.


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