Saving is about actively pursuing your dreams and goals, and we've made it easy for our members to set funds aside for anything they can imagine. Save for vacation. Save for holiday giving. Save for peace of mind. It's never too late to start.

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Account Type Account Description Unlimited In-branch Transfers Pays Dividends on Entire Balance Benefits

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This is where it all begins. Your regular savings is your "share" of the credit union, and it makes you part owner. Yes Yes Free Harborstone ATM services.

No withdrawal fees.
Holiday Savings

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Make the holidays a little less stressful by saving for them all year. On November 1, we'll automatically transfer any funds saved to your checking account. No Yes Provides a designated account to save for the holidays.
Set-Aside Savings

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Separate your savings accounts based on what (or who) you're saving for. Yes Yes Save for multiple things while keeping the funds separate.

No withdrawal fees.
Minor Savings

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Minors from birth to age 17 can gain interest and learn the importance of saving from a young age. Yes Yes No withdrawal fees, but must have an adult joint account holder present to withdraw until minor turns 18.
Jet Set Savings

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Members as young as age 50 can enjoy higher dividends on qualified certificates, free money orders, discounted safe deposit boxes, free seminars, and more. Yes Yes Higher dividends on qualified certificates, free money orders, safe deposit box discounts, free seminars and classes, and more.

All of our savings accounts are insured by the National Credit Union Administration and require a minimum opening balance of just $5.

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ATM Card

Harborstone ATM Card

Your regular savings account comes with a Harborstone ATM card that can be used on select ATM and merchant networks.


Online Banking & Mobile Apps

Have access to your finances 24/7 with free Online Banking, plus apps for a better banking experience on your phone or tablet.


Notary Services

Help prevent things like fraud and identity theft with our complimentary notary and Medallion Signature Guarantee services.

ATM Access

Global ATM Access

With the CO-OP ATM network, you have access to nearly 30,000 surcharge-free ATMs.

Account TypeDividend RateAPYMinimum Opening BalanceMinimum Monthly Balance
Savings (Includes Minor and Jet Set)0.050%0.05%$5$5, required to earn APY
Holiday Savings0.050%0.05%$5$5, required to earn APY
Set-Aside Savings0.050%0.05%$5$5, required to earn APY

APY = annual percentage yield. Dividends are calculated daily and compounded and credited monthly. Savings accounts are allowed up to six automatic, preauthorized, or phone transfers per calendar month.


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