Our Story

Our Story

We believe that as a credit union, we can positively impact the communities in which we serve. As a not-for-profit cooperative, the money we earn is returned back to our members in the form of great rates and low fees, while a bank's profits are generated for the interests of its shareholders.

We offer the same access to smart technology, products, and services that other financial institutions do, with one major difference: We do so with our members' best interests in mind.

Anyone in Washington State can join!

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Harborstone began in 1955 as McChord Federal Credit Union, serving airmen on McChord Air Force Base who each owned one $5 share of the credit union. From our modest beginnings, we have always existed for the betterment of our members and community. In 1996, the credit union opened its field of membership and changed its name to Harborstone Credit Union so that more people could benefit from membership. Changing our name helped clarify that anyone in Washington State can join, not only those who are associated with the Air Force.

In 2013, we combined forces with Prevail Credit Union (founded in 1940 as King County Employees Credit Union), which allowed us to provide more branch locations, access to the CO-OP ATM and Shared Branching networks, and a stronger credit union for our combined membership.

Most recently, in 2016, we brought TULIP Cooperative Credit Union (founded in 2002) under our wing. With a shared mission to strengthen our communities through financial counseling, it was an effort that has allowed us to serve our existing members better, with access to products and resources that were not available previously, and to improve our communities through empowering people by welcoming them back into the banking system.



Harborstone wants you to get the most out of your membership. That's why we offer tools that help you maximize your rewards and minimize your fees. Why bank with a financial institution that sounds good when you can bank with one that IS good?


Banking with a credit union doesn't mean you have to compromise on the digital tools available to you. We ensure our members have access to the latest cutting-edge tools that make life easier and allow us to devote more of our resources to supporting the financial dreams and goals of our members, whatever their life stage.



Anyone in Washington State can join Harborstone Credit Union. Come visit us at one of our branch locations in King, Pierce, or Thurston County, or apply for membership online.

Become a Member

Your credit union. Your vote.

Harborstone Credit Union is a member-owned, not-for-profit financial organization governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. The Board is composed of active members of the credit union who are selected by the membership through a democratic election process. Each member of the credit union who meets eligibility requirements specified in our bylaws is permitted to vote in the annual election process. All members are given one vote in the election without preference to the amount of funds they have on deposit with the credit union.

Ann Anderson Ann Anderson CHAIR
Jim Buck Jim Buck VICE CHAIR
Linda Crane Nelsen Linda Crane Nelsen SECRETARY
Rick Stevens Rick Stevens DIRECTOR
Richard Evans Richard Evans DIRECTOR
Michael Gedeon Michael Gedeon DIRECTOR
Thomas Dempsey Thomas Dempsey DIRECTOR
Bonnie Kern Bonnie Kern DIRECTOR
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The Supervisory Committee oversees the credit union governance, internal controls, and compliance with appropriate laws, rules, and regulations.

Kaye Moore Kaye Moore CHAIR
Dennis Barnes Dennis Barnes VICE CHAIR
Richard Dahl Richard Dahl SECRETARY

Volunteer to make a difference in your credit union. There are three Board of Director positions and one Supervisory Committee position open for the 2018 ballot to be voted on by the general membership. Each volunteer position has a three-year term.

Harborstone is seeking candidates who are current or former business owners or business managers with at least 10 years of experience. Additionally, the current Board of Directors seeks to further broaden the Board’s representation of Harborstone's current membership in terms of age, experience, and ethnicity. Each candidate must have been a Harborstone member for a minimum of two years and must be able to make the three-year-term commitment to the Harborstone Board or Supervisory Committee. Each successful candidate will be expected to contribute to Harborstone's safety and soundness and our mission to serve our members and local communities.

If you would like to be considered for a ballot position, please submit by November 10, 2017, your resume, a letter that includes your account number, and a statement of your willingness to serve. Please send them to:

Nominating Committee
Harborstone Credit Union
P.O. Box 4207
Tacoma, WA 98438-0207

As an alternative way to be placed on the ballot for any open position, you may file a petition signed by at least 500 eligible voting Harborstone members (defined as being a member for a period of 24 months as of December 31, 2017). This petition must be received no later than November 28, 2017. This must be accompanied by a statement of your willingness to serve.


A look at the numbers.

As a member, you are a part owner of Harborstone. Our annual reports include an overview of the highlights of the past year as well as a comparison with the year before. See how we've been doing.

2016 Annual Report


2015 Annual Report


2014 Annual Report


2013 Annual Report

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