Online Banking

Online Banking

Banking with a credit union doesn't mean you have to forgo the conveniences of great online and mobile banking experiences. Registering for Online Banking is your first step to our suite of digital tools. From there, you can choose which tools are the most helpful to you.

If you need multiple users to access your business accounts with varying amounts of access and need to manage things like direct payroll, payments, and wires, our Online Cash Management may be a better solution for you.

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Easily view account balances and transaction histories for your Harborstone accounts.

Review information on your loan accounts, including balance information, interest rates, scheduled payment amounts, and next payment due dates.

Receive eStatements and monthly emailed newsletters.

Set up email and/or text alerts and notifications to help monitor your accounts—alert options such as accounts nearing low or negative balances, deposits or withdrawals being made, checks clearing, and payments coming due or posted.

Quickly transfer funds among your Harborstone accounts and loans.

Register for Online Banking


Track and pay your bills from one convenient dashboard.

Set up recurring payments.

Process bill payments from your checking account with just a click.

Save money on checks and stamps.

View, save, and print images of checks sent and cleared through Harborstone's Bill Pay system.

Front and back check images are included.

Check images are available for 90 days after the check has cleared.


Debit Purchase Rewards is a free feature that automatically comes with your Harborstone checking account. Rewards are easy to redeem. Simply select from a list of available rewards, which are then automatically loaded onto your debit card. The total value of your earned rewards will be deposited to your account each month.

Cash-back offers on your Harborstone Mobile app, available whenever and wherever you need them.

Cash discounts from hundreds of national retailers.

Directions to the nearest store from your mobile app.

Cash credits to your account monthly when you redeem the awards.

Purchase Rewards Video


Money Management is an incredibly useful tool inside Online Banking and the mobile app that is free to all Harborstone members. It helps you gain a clear picture of your complete financial situation because you can connect all of your current accounts—including checking, savings, all types of loans, credit cards, investments, retirement accounts, and more—from most financial institutions.

Import account data from over 50,000 financial institutions.

Create a budget, manage all your finances, and analyze your spending.

Set up and receive a variety of alerts.

Analyze and categorize your spending habits. Then you can monitor your progress if you start to cut back on a certain category or two.

Set financial goals.


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